Connecticut Yankee Fans Get On-Board

To go along with the brand-spanking new Yankee Stadium, the MTA is opening its much anticipated Yankee Stadium/153rd Street station this Saturday when the Yanks take on the Phillies.  It only took two years and $91 million.

There will be five game-bound trains each game day, including three that start in New Haven.  Through some fancy connecting, you could even make it from Hartford straight to the gates, without having to touch the subway. 

The train schedule is dependent on games.  For instance, on weekends, Metro-north has established timetables for 1:05 and 4:10 p.m. games.  And departure times are based on the game's end.

Click here to view the schedule.

You will need to pay an extra $1 than what it costs to ride to Grand Central (or just 75 cents during off-peak times). 

And one more thing:  On weeknights, you'll have to catch a shuttle at 125th Street to get to the stadium.  But after the game, trains will take fans back into Connecticut.

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