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Utility Pole Fiasco Fixed in West Hartford

More than a year after a utility pole was damaged in an accident, it has been repaired.



    Neighbors in West Hartford called it an accident waiting to happen.  They said a patched-up utility pole near their homes on Trout Brook Drive posed a big danger and their calls for help were going nowhere until the NBC Connecticut Toubleshooters got involved.

    According to those neighbors, a car slammed into the utility pole, near Hampshire House Condominiums, a year ago.  They claim the power company later moved its wires to a new pole, but the old pole still carried other utility lines.

    "I really thought when they replaced the pole, they would have taken out the old one instead of just leaving it on a temporary set-up on two by fours," said Hampshire House building superintendent Jim Karam.

    Neighbors said the set-up never looked safe.

    Utility Pole Problem Fixed in West Hartford

    [HAR] Utility Pole Problem Fixed in West Hartford
    A utility pole has been repaired more than a year after it was damaged in an accident.
    (Published Tuesday, May 15, 2012)

    "Even though the thing was wired to the other pole, I just felt it was a hazard that just didn't have to exist," said resident Reuben Birnbaum.

    Birnbaum said his calls to the city and utility companies did nothing.

    "I started calling AT&T and they said, 'well, we're waiting for Comcast,' and meanwhile, weeks and weeks went by and nothing happened," Birnbaum said.

    Neighbors wanted help and they wanted it fast.

    The NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters learned AT&T owned the pole.  Within a day, the utility company removed the old pole and moved its wires to the newer pole.  Comcast also moved its wires to the newer pole.

    "I couldn't believe my eyes," Birnbaum said.  "I gave you the case and within one week the whole thing was fixed.  I'd been calling for months."

    AT&T could not explain why it took so long to remove the old pole, but a spokesperson said as soon as they heard from NBC Connecticut they completed the work.

    Comcast is the parent company of NBC Connecticut.