UConn Reimbursing Students for Unused Housing, Dining Fees

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The University of Connecticut will be reimbursing more than 12,000 UConn students who cannot access their housing and dining options because of the pandemic, the university announced Wednesday.

The school's board of trustees voted to authorize pro-rated reimbursements since the pandemic has forced the closure of much of campus and the residence halls.

“It certainly is consistent with our values and will be well received,” UConn President Thomas Katsouleas said Wednesday.

Students will find the money credited on their fall semester fee bills. Students who are graduating or not returning to school will receive refunds, the school said.

The reimbursements are expected to cost the school $30 million.

Students who received the money to pay for their bills with financial aid or scholarships, will have the funds returned to those same accounts for future use.

The school's trustees said they are hoping the federal government or state will help provide assistance to cover these costs, but the school did not want to wait to address this issue.

Students who were participating in the Education Abroad program would also be eligible for refunds.

On March 17, the university announced it was canceling spring commencement exercises and the reminder of the spring semester would be conducted online.

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