2 People Injured in Explosion at Stamford Water Treatment Facility

Two people were injured in an explosion at a water treatment facility in Stamford on Aug. 1.

Officials said there was an explosion around 10:45 p.m. in building 15 at the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority’s wastewater treatment plant at 111 Harbor View Ave.

The building houses personnel offices for the City’s Solid Waste Division, SWPCA’s sludge thickening and dewatering operations and the sludge drying facility.

Officials said the explosion originated in and was mostly limited to the sludge-drying portion of the building, which is operated by contract with Synagro-Connecticut, LLC.

Around 9:30 p.m., repair work began on an induction fan within the dryer facility and the explosion happened at startup of the induction fan, officials said.

The Stamford Fire Marshal has indicated in his preliminary findings that this was likely a “dust” explosion within the polycyclone dryer unit, according to the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority.

They said four people were in the vicinity when the explosion occurred.

An employee of Synagro was evaluated at Stamford Hospital and was not hurt. A subcontractor from Aero-Tech who was working for Synagro was treated at Stamford Hospital for minor cuts and released. 

A subcontractor from Schmidt Electric who was working for Synagro was not hurt and did not seek medical evaluation. 

A SWPCA employee who was walking up the north stairwell to the building sustained a minor head injury, was held at Stamford Hospital overnight for evaluation, and was released with instructions to follow-up with his physician, officials said. 

The Stamford fire marshal’s office and the building department are investigating. 

OSHA was also notified.

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