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Police Canvass Neighbor For Hit and Run Suspect



    Police Canvass Neighbor For Hit and Run Suspect
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    Police are continuing to search for the driver who left Corey Gordon in critical condition.

    Bridgeport Police are back at it cavassing the neighborhood and asking for the public's help to find the driver who critically injured a toddler in a hit and run accident last month.

    "Hopefully these will work. Last time we didn't get anything," said Erica Parmlee, mother of Corey Gordon, who tells was critically injured.
    Now, there is a $1500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Parmlee and the Bridgeport Police went car by car on Madison and Capitol Avenues looking for evidence and at another intersection near the site of the April 30th that critically injured Corey.
    "I've been focusing on my son. Now that he's actually getting back to himself I feel that it's my duty find out who hit my child," Parmlee added.
    Police handed out 1500 fliers as they did two weeks ago. At this point, they're trying to move the investigation forward and still don't know the identity of the driver that ran Corey over and took off.

    "It's very frustrating that no one came forward because I feel that if it was their child, they would have. They'd be doing the same thing I'm doing," Parmlee said.
    Aline Lacerda took a flier as did others who drove through the traffic stop and have been following this incident.
    "I haven't seen anything like that before. Hopefully they'll catch whoever is responsible for that,” said Lacerda.
    In the meantime, Parmlee is doing everything she can or at least something she hopes any mother would do.
    "I'm just doing what I think I should do (which) is be here for my child," she said.
    Corey is out of intensive care and having surgery again Wednesday. After that he's headed to therapy.
    His mom and Bridgeport police are now hoping the fliers they handed out will help.