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Look Before You Lock: Sens. Say Keep Kids Safe



    Connecticut's senators are pushing for a statewide campaign to raise awareness for the children being left in hot cars. (Published Friday, July 11, 2014)

    Connecticut’s two U.S. senators used language unusually emotional to describe the dangers of leaving children locked in hot cars.

    It came as a warning and call for action following the death of a 15-month-old in Ridgefield on Monday.

    “Leaving your kid in a hot car for an extended period of time is criminal, but it's also idiotic,” said Sen. Chris Murphy, who joined Sen. Richard Blumenthal at a press conference on Friday.

    The senators invited the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to target Connecticut with a campaign to raise awareness, a campaign in the works called “Look Before You Lock.”

    “'Look Before You Lock' is common sense," said Blumenthal. "We all do it as parents, but apparently some don't. And a child can suffer heatstroke literally in minutes.”

    In addition to the the ad campaign, Blumenthal called for raising awareness with criminal prosecutions.

    “What ought to happen,” he said, “is a couple of these caregivers should spend some time behind bars. That would send a message. If caregivers spend time behind bars, for keeping their kids locked in a car in the middle of the summer, people will pay more attention. People will look before they lock.”

    Nine times in recent weeks caregivers have left children in hot cars in Connecticut.