Cannon Vanishes, People Explode

Where in the world is New London's cannon? That was the question people across the city were asking when an old cannon monument disappeared last week. 

The cannon is a tribute to brave soldiers from New London who fought off invading British troops in 1781. 

It's been in the same spot on Williams Street for as long as anyone in New London can remember. So, when they realized Friday it vanished, people got nervous, the Day of New London reports.

After some quick searching, the cannon turned up behind the Custom House Maritime Museum. 

Apparently, it's not all that uncommon to move monuments around in New London, according to the Day. The Nathan School House has moved several times, as has the statue of Gov. John Winthrop.

So, what happened to the cannon?

Turns out, the city felt the cannon wasn't being maintained properly, so it asked the museum to take care of it, the Day reports. But that didn't sit well with residents and people flocked Monday's City Council meeting to demand the cannon be returned to its rightful place. 

"We love the cannon,'' Susan Tamulevich, director of the Custom House told The Day. "We had no idea there was any controversy. We just offered a safe home."

City officials say they meant well and have promised to return the cannon to its familiar spot.

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