Sales Tax Free Week

Conn. Sales Tax Free Week on Clothing and Footwear Begins Today

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Connecticut's Sales Tax Free Week begins today and residents are preparing for a little bit of relief at checkout lines.

It's a part of the state's emergency legislation to create a one-week sales tax free holiday. It's also in conjunction with the suspension on the excise gas tax.

Through next Saturday, the sales tax on footwear and clothing items costing less than $100 per item will be dropped.

Sunday marks the start of Connecticut's free sales tax holiday week and shoppers are gearing up for a little bit of relief at the checkout line.

"It's a lot we can save on right now. For people that are struggling, especially a little bit goes a long way," said Andrea Wallen-Chandler, of Bloomfield.

Experts say it isn't just about getting a discount, but is also an incentive for people to get out.

“I think during the last two years, people have just been sick and tired of staying inside, they want to go out and if there is a tax holiday, there a reason for people to go out,” said Quinnipiac University International Business professor Mohammad Elahee.

“This tax-holiday will definitely help consumers, and I think more than consumers, retailers, and by retailers, I mean, the brick & mortar retailers, they will benefit," Elahee added.

Governor Ned Lamont spoke with lawmakers to discuss a gas tax holiday, sales tax holiday, and free bus rides for the month of April.

For some people, every penny counts.

"It makes a big difference. Every penny counts. Everything counts to something because what you save here, you’re going to spend somewhere so why not take every bit of savings you can get," said Wallen-Chandler.

"I'm a college student and it's nice to have extra money in my pocket," said Jackie Kelly, of New York.

"I actually appreciate any cut in taxes, I think helps," Renato Cayuela, of Orange added.

In addition to sales tax free week, fares on public busses statewide are suspended temporarily.

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