Connecticut Digs Out

Winter storm dumps up to a foot in some areas

Allynn Wilkinson
People across the state were digging out and cleaning up on Sunday after a winter storm that dropped up to a foot of snow on parts of Connecticut.
Long before the sun came up, workers for the Department of Transportation were in and out of the garage in East Hartford, stocking up on salt and sand.
“Really busy, just trying to stay local a lot of plowing,” said James Jones, a DOT employee. “Putting material out to get the roads better but it’s coming along.”
Lesbert Biggs of East Hartford was also busy doing some clean-up of his own at his home in East Hartford. 
“I started plowing (my driveway) at 12 last night,” said Biggs. 
The snow was not heavy like the last storm but there was a lot more of it.  
Temperatures are expected to drop over the next few days which means a lot of the snow and ice will stick around.   That is why it was best on Sunday to bundle up, brave the cold and get shoveling.
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