Crews Rescue Person Trapped in Cave in Killingly

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Crews in South Killingly rescued a person that was trapped in a cave Wednesday afternoon.

Firefighters said a hiker was trapped in a cave at Ross's Cliffs in Old Furnace State Park about 150 feet off the ground.

The incident happened near the Ross Pond boat launch. The fire department said it was an incredibly complex rescue.

Crews said the man is lucky someone came and found him as quickly as they did. He was out hiking alone when the incident happened. Several fire departments responded and provided mutual aid.

Officers said they spoke to the man and found out where he was located. He was stuck in a chimney sort of barrier and didn't have any gear with him.

Fire Chief Travis Vandale said the man slid down and got wedged in the cave. He'd been there for almost two hours before people called 911 after hearing him yell for help.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and Connecticut State Police responded to the scene. A DEEP spokesperson said the man got his left stuck between two rocks while climbing.

The man was rescued and transported to the hospital by Lifestar with non-life threatening injuries. Vandale said the major concern is the man being in that position and not having blood flow for an extended period of time.

The fire chief is advising people not to hike alone and to always have someone with you who has a cell phone that can make a call in case of an emergency.

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