Customers Rush to Store to Purchase Guns, Ammo

Today, Connecticut lawmakers plan to vote on possible new gun control laws that could be some of the toughest in the country. 

This was a big concern for gun owners, and thousands of them rushed to gun stores to stock up on guns and ammunition that could soon be illegal. 

“They’re insane, I’ve never seen them so busy before,” said Shari Reilly
She bought high-capacity magazines at three different stores, from Norwalk to Newington, and she was irate over the possible changes.
“Beyond words, I’ve been calling and emailing all my representatives,” Reilly said.
State lawmakers could vote to ban those magazines sometime on Wednesday. 
Reilly said she depends on those magazines to protect her family. 
“I don't train for someone who is breaking into my house. If I miss, am I stuck because you limit me to seven rounds or 10 rounds?" she wondered.
Gun stores did everything they could to sell the weapons that many legislators want to ban. 
“Oh yeah, they're livid,” Reilly said.
The proposed gun laws include immediate background checks for all gun sales and a expanded assault weapons ban. Magazines over 10 rounds would be banned too and every magazine will need to be registered.
“It’s about time we have some practical legislation that reduces the amount of damage that could be done in our communities,” said Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra. a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. 
He backs the plan, especially after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the recent violence in his city.
Gun advocates disagree and think the possible gun ban is beyond unfair.
“When you clamp down where basically everything is restricted, it feels like you’re infringing on second amendment rights,” Shari Reilly explained. 
Lawmakers plan to vote on this tomorrow. If passed, the Governor will have to sign the bill into law. 
Malloy has said if the bill passes, he will sign it.

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