Department of Education Discusses Goals for Coming School Year

Superintendents from across the state of Connecticut met at the A.I. Prince Technical High School in Hartford Monday for a back-to-school meeting.

The meeting was to discuss the Connecticut Department of Education’s goals as the school year begins.

"This is kind of like our New Year's Eve. Kids are coming really soon, we have worked all summer to be ready for them," said Dr. Dianna Wentzell, the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Education.

Wentzell said the Connecticut Board of Education has come up with a five year comprehensive strategic plan. They plan to promise to have high expectations for all students, promise to support students to help them reach those expectations, promise great teachers and leaders in every school and promise to support all schools so they can achieve greatness.

Wentzell said she is already pleased with the improved state test scores from the Smarter Balance Assessment.

"We are very excited by that, but we also know there is a lot more work to do to make sure that all kids are ready for college or career after high school," said Wentzell.

Superintendents say they also plan to integrate more technology.

“We are constantly striving to look at the ways, the tools that are emerging in digital technology, blended learning, online learning,” said Dr. Colleen Palmer, the superintendent of Westport Public Schools. “How are those things going to change how we deliver instruction and how we create learning environments for our students, more powerful ways to reach all our students and be more impactful.”

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