Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman Top Pick for FBI Director

Former Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman is President Donald Trump's top pick to be the next FBI director.

During a joint press conference on Thursday, Trump was asked if Lieberman was the front-runner in the race to head the bureau, and he responded, "he is."

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Lieberman is one of four candidates for the job that will be meeting with President Trump on Wednesday afternoon.

The other three were the current acting director, Andrew McCabe, former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating and Richard McFeeley, a former executive assistant director in the FBI.

Lieberman served 24 years as a Connecticut senator before retiring in 2013 after his fourth term.

He was the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, running with Al Gore in 2000. The pair lost the election to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in a result that needed to be decided by the Supreme Court.

Lieberman, who also served as Connecticut's Attorney General and spent 10 years as a state senator.

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