Frozen Yogurt Company Eyes Connecticut

Forever Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt company eyeing New Haven, West Hartford and Greenwich.

A Chicago-based frozen yogurt company with a handful of locations is planning to open dozens more shops and three of them are in Connecticut.

Forever Yogurt is eyeing New Haven, near Yale, as well as West Hartford, and Greenwich.

One of the things that makes Forever Yogurt different, according to Time Out Chicago, is that it is self-serve, so you can mix flavors however you want them.

If you happen to like Sno-caps with your maple bacon donut frozen yogurt, there’s nothing holding you back.

How much your frozen yogurt costs depends on what you put in the cup. You pay by the weight, according to the New Haven Register.

Mandy Calara, the CEO, told the Register that he is targeting the East Coast because “frozen yogurt is still a very fragmented industry” and he sees “huge opportunity” between Boston and Washington, DC.

Calara believes a place like New Haven is an ideal spot to expand his franchise.

“We look for more urban locations, good walking-street traffic,” Calara said. “Our target is a little bit more edgy; it serves college students well and upper-age high school students — probably the way we design the ambiance.”

Forever Yogurt’s expansion to Connecticut follows Pinkberry’s entry into Connecticut and the expansion of self-serve places like The Kiwi Spoon and Froyo World expanding here.

It’s not clear when the shops will open.

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