Hamden Expands Community Policing Program

Hamden Police is expanding its community policing in an effort called “Hamden Community Police 365” and it will change how officers patrol the town.

The mayor and the acting police chief tell us community policing routes will run every day, during every shift and in every neighborhood.

Officers will spend at least 30 minutes of their shift out of their cruisers meeting with residents.

They’re also increasing bike patrols and walking beat routes throughout the summer.

It’s hoped officers on evening and overnight shifts will take part when possible.

In a statement announcing the increased effort, Mayor Curt Balzano Leng wrote in part:

“Additional routes, more community policing as a Hamden Police governing philosophy, and 24/7 positive relationship building interactions, can be priceless for our Town. I look forward to seeing our officers on our streets and in our neighborhoods even more, and towards strengthening the bonds between our community and our guardian protectors.”

Now this follows increased tensions between community members and the police department.

People protested for weeks following the shooting of an unarmed couple by Hamden and Yale police back in April.

Since then activists had pushed for changes in police operations.

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