Hartford Police Department LGBTQ Liaison Accused of Insensitivity

A memo says last month Officer Jessica Stroud called another officer the “R-word”, referring to his mental status

NBC Connecticut Investigates has learned a Hartford police officer who is supposed to assist with sensitivity training in her department, is on the hot seat herself for allegations of workplace hostility.

Officer Jessica Stroud is HPD’s interim lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning officer, or LGBTQ liaison. A memo says last month she called another officer the “R-word”, referring to his mental status, after roll call was dismissed, and now HPD brass is investigating.

Hartford police say on May 7, right after the 2:45 p.m. roll call, LGBTQ liaison Stroud was heard by several officers calling another officer the “R-word”.

The officer did not recall the context of the conversation, and he did not report it because he did not want to bring attention to it because he is a probationary police officer.

Stroud was his field training officer but has been suspended from the program.

She and the probationary officer have now been put on separate shifts.

Stroud has not returned our call for comment.

Interim Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody said the incident is under investigation after consulting with the city's human resources department.

The prior HPD LGBTQ officer had made allegations that someone in the department was harassing her, and HPD brass determined two officers did violate the code of conduct.

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