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Police Investigating Threats Against Hartford Public Schools

NBC Connecticut

Hartford Police are investigating a series of threats directed toward the city's school system.

The threats come after a school nurse was placed on administrative leave for her alleged comments about LGBTQ+ students in a Facebook group. She also posted private and personal details about a specific student, the school district said.

Since the announcement of the suspension, the district said there have been hostile, vulgar, even threatening messages, emails and phone calls they received in the past few weeks.

In a police report obtained by NBC Connecticut, a protest was held this weekend with parents of students and members of the proud boys with signs talking about the suspension of the school nurse who was placed on administrative leave at Kinsella Magnet School.

"Since the story was originally reported by local news outlets, there has been biased, hostile and dishonest coverage from a select group. These stories have called into question the district’s medical policies, alleged that the district is indoctrinating our students and accused district staff members of criminal behavior," according to the district spokesperson.

The spokesperson for the school district said the allegations being made are not true. No medical intervention occurs within the district without parental consent, according to the district.

"It is illegal. Per HPS policy 5152, written, medical authorization signed by parents or guardians and a medical provider are required for all medication administered in schools. No medication, including non-prescription, is administered by HPS staff without a medical authorization form signed by a parent or guardian," the district said.

The district has been receiving threatening emails and phone calls, some of which have been directed toward the district's superintendent by referencing personally-identifying information.

The messages are being investigated by the Hartford Police Department.

Hartford Public Schools tells NBC Connecticut the investigation into the nurse who was suspended remains an active investigation and she remains on administrative leave.

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