Home Depot Employees Give Back to WWII Vet

Home Depot employees spent their day giving back to a 92 year old World War II veteran, updating his home at no cost to him.

"I said what are all the cars doing here he said they're at you're house I couldn't believe it," said John Dysenchuk a World War II Veteran

More than 30 Home Depot employees volunteered their time on their day off today in Glastonbury.

"It's part of our culture,” said Chris Piccoli, the Home Depot district manager. “We're fortunate to work for a great company that allows us to do it, encourages us to do it, and it continues to get bigger and bigger."

The employees replaced John's roof, built an entirely new shed, installed new doors, in addition to updating his landscaping.

“We always say we come with a scope and we always end up doing so much more," said Piccoli. “We’re like go get ten bags of mulch, go get a flower, go get this and it just never ends. We talked about planting new grass…it’s just good to give back.”

"I'm very very thankful,” said Dysenchuk. “Sometimes you get down and down and out and then something like this happens and it's just mind boggling."

Helping veterans is something the Home Depot employees are more than happy to do. Since 2011, Team Depot has helped repair and update more than 25,000 homes for veterans across the country.

"The sense of the feeling of being able to give back to someone who gave to the country is amazing," added Piccoli.

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