Lawmakers to Decide if Seatbelts Should Be Required on School Buses

Some state lawmakers want to require school buses to have seatbelts and there will be a public hearing today. 

State Rep. Kelly Luxenberg (D-Manchester) said she wants seat belts to be standard in school buses in two years. 

"Having any kind of belt in a school bus would be helpful. Six states already have this implemented and so we could certainly save lives moving forward," she said. 

Luxenberg proposed a bill that could make three-point lap and shoulder safety belts a requirement in buses built after 2019 to protect students and drivers. 

“A lot of the accidents that have been happening with these schools buses, a lot of kids have been getting hurt and the last thing you want is to lose your child. I’d rather feel safer knowing that there are seatbelts on that bus for my kid to feel safe,” Ivy Bonilla, of Hartford, said. 

Parents said another advantage to seatbelts is that they could keep children in their seats. 

“I see a lot of kids standing up and the bus drivers, they just keep driving, so I think that would be a good idea,” Stephanie Coleman, of Hartford, said.

 The hearing is before the transportation committee.

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