Madison Woman Says Simple Online Purchase Turned Into A Headache

Susan Dworak reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds when she had issues returning a laptop she purchased from Walmart.com.

NBC Connecticut Responds got results for a Madison woman after she purchased a laptop and modem that didn’t work properly.

Susan Dworak wanted to upgrade her desktop and bought a laptop and modem from Walmart.com.

“I’ve been obsolete for a couple of years or more,” said Susan Dworak.

Within a few weeks of using it, Dworak said she experienced a problem.

“It didn’t want to dial out. Then, all of the sudden it just quit altogether,” said Dworak.

Dworak contacted customer service about it. After a couple of weeks of troubleshooting, in which she purchased another brand new modem, Susan still had issues.

Meanwhile, Walmart’s 90-day return policy had expired.

“First they said they weren’t going to take it back because I was past the date,” said Dworak.

When Dworak pushed back, Walmart finally agreed over the phone to take back the laptop and modem. She says the customer service agent told her she could return it in person.

“So, I go over to the Guilford store and now they don’t want to take it back,” said Dworak.

She says the store sales associate told her they couldn’t do anything further. That set Susan off.

“It was very frustrating because they kept changing their mind,” said Dworak.

So, she reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds.

A Walmart spokesperson told us in a statement which read in part:

“After Walmart.com received Susan Dworak’s complaint, we reviewed her account and order history. As such, Walmart.com considers this matter closed.

“We had spoken to Ms. Dworak and had issued a total of $398.79 back to her account.”

For Susan, getting a refund was well worth the effort.

”Very pleased, very pleased,” said Dworak. ”If you really do have a problem, call you.”

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