March 2016 Ranked Sixth Warmest in Connecticut

Another warm month was logged in March, as the month will go on the top 10 list of warmest Marches in the Hartford area.

This past March went into the record books as sixth warmest, with 2012 topping the list with an average temperature of 47.1 degrees.

March 2016 had an average temperature of 43.9 degrees. So, it wasn't as warm, but it was still a noteworthy month.

The standard 30-year 1981-2010 average temperature for March is 37.8 degrees. That means March 2016 registered 6.1 degrees above average.

The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) does a more thorough calculation based on several sources of high quality weather observations.

NCEI classified March in Connecticut as being "much above average," along with much of the region.

For Connecticut as a whole, NCEI's analysis matched what the point data from the Hartford area showed – March 2016 was sixth warmest.

Here's a recap of the last 15 months in the Hartford area when it comes to notable temperature records. Data goes back to 1905.

Top 10 finishes are bold and colored in either red (warm) or blue (cold).

  • Janurary 2015 – 25th coldest
  • February 2015 – first coldest
  • March 2015 – ninth coldest
  • April 2015 – 42nd warmest
  • May 2015 – first warmest
  • June 2015 – 39th coldest
  • July 2015 – 42nd warmest
  • August 2015 – 11th warmest
  • September 2015 – third warmest
  • October 2015 – 48th coldest
  • November 2015 – sixth warmest
  • December 2015 – first warmest
  • January 2016 – 27th warmest
  • February 2016 – 21st warmest
  • March 2016 – sixth warmest

Since the beginning of last year, five months have notched a top 10 finish on the list of warmest respective months, while two months have registered in the top 10 coldest.

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