Stop, Rest and Grab a $5 Footlong

If you pull into a rest stop along one of Connecticut's Highways, you'll soon see some changes.

Subway will be replacing McDonald's at state rest stops when McDonald's contract expires Sept. 30.

But those who crave a Quarter Pounder with cheese on their drive won't need to fret.  SubCon Inc., the company in charge of Development for Subway, says they hope to keep McDonald's as one of the options, alongside Subway and it's footlong subs.

The two companies “are in very active, very positive negotiations,” Paul Landino, president of SubCon told the New Haven Register.

Landino said Dunkin' Donuts will likely be another franchise involved.

Subway, is based in Milford, and was founded by Bridgeport's Fred DeLuca in the 1960's.  The company now has more restaurants than McDonald's worldwide.

The food isn't the only change you'll see.  Negotiations are underway with several national gasoline brands to replace ExxonMobil which is the current supplier at all Connecticut highway rest stops.

None of the contracts have been signed, and the state says there are still details to be worked out. “We continue to negotiate. It’s probable that McDonald’s will continue to be a food provider,” Judd Everhart, DOT spokesman told the paper.

Everhart said it’s possible there will be other vendors in addition to Subway, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The changeover should happen by the end of September.

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