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Military Students Take Advantage of ‘Eagle Program' at Post University

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Former and current military officers are getting the chance to take part in a special program strategically designed to help them while enrolled at Post University.

The initiative has a goal of providing active duty service members, veterans and military families with an opportunity to further their education.

Post University's "Post Eagle Program'" is helping graduate students like Jerrod Pass. Pass recently finished up his time in the Army last month.

"They have so many different teachers that come from different backgrounds that are actively working in their fields," said Pass. "It literally makes you feel like a family, especially as an online student."

A large amount of students typically select online classes. This year, professors have tried to create a more interactive experience even through virtual courses.

"The students use their cameras and it allows them to still connect with one another," said Edmund Lizotte, a professor and Director of Military Field Enrollment at the college. "If I wanted a classroom discussion and go into breakouts so each group of students can discuss a topic, I can have the ability to do it."

The program offers tuition assistance and has dedicated staff members comprised of current and former military members, and career and professional development assistance.

Post University was recognized by the 2021 U.S. News & World Report for Best Online Master's in Business Programs for Veterans.

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