Morgan Appeared to Blend in After Shooting: Testimony

Judges are seeing still photos from the crime scene.

Judges presiding over the murder trial of a Massachusetts man charged in the killing of a 21-year-old Wesleyan University student at an off-campus bookstore cafe in 2009 saw still photos from the crime scene on Thursday.

Stephen Morgan, 32, of Marblehead, is charged with murder and other crimes in connection with the shooting death of Johanna Justin-Jinich.

Justin-Jinich, a Wesleyan junior from Timnath, Colo., was working at the café when she was gunned down.

Molly McFee, a Wesleyan student and one of Johanna's friends, ordered lunch at the cafe and spoke to Johanna before the crime.

"She was in a great mood," McFee said. 

She then went to the mezzanine level to study and saw a man with dark long hair and a Cleveland Indians hat pacing outside, she said.

Then, she saw that man inside the bookstore going downstairs and the shooting happened on the main floor a short time later. 

"I heard several loud noises one after another. I thought someone was hammering something. The noise was loud and very unexpected," McFee said.

She later described seeing a man in a red shirt on the mezzanine level after the crime.

Prosecutors said that man was Morgan.

"He was very quiet and subdued. He seemed not to be interested in speaking with anyone,“ McFee said.

Sarah Suennungern, a bookstore employee, described seeing a man tumble down the conveyor belt after she heard several loud noises. That man had a gun and pointed it at herself and her co-workers. 

She testified that he said "Don't you say a word or I'll (expletive) shoot you."

Sarah and her co-workers hid in a locked office until police arrived.

Lucinda Lopes-Phelan, a forensic science examiner for the state crime lab, took the three judge panel through still pictures she isolated from the bookstore's surveillance camera.

The pictures show Morgan entering the main floor of the school bookstore wearing a baseball cap, a wig and a black long-sleeve T-shirt, she said.

They later show him running through the store without the wig and hat while holding a handgun. Next, Morgan can be seen in a red T-shirt, pulling down his sleeves with three customers nearby.

The last photo shows Morgan at the top of a set of stairs he had climbed to the main floor with others behind him, then he exits through the same door he came in with others behind him.

As he left, he appeared to blend in with the crowd like nothing happened.

Defense lawyer Richard Brown is pursuing an insanity defense for Morgan.

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