No Dog Ban in Bristol

The city's ordinance committee formally rejected the idea.

Pit bulls and other breeds that some consider dangerous will not be banned in Bristol.

The city's ordinance committee formally rejected the idea during its meeting on Wednesday evening. 

"This has been blown way out of proportion," said Ken Cockayne, a city council member and the chairman of the committee. "This is a non-issue and our ordinance committee will not be taking this issue up."

The question arose earlier this year when a Bristol city council member asked city attorneys to research the idea. 

After doing so, the ordinance committee decided it is not an idea the city will pursue.

The idea was controversial and prompted hundreds of people from Connecticut and beyond to e-mail city officials. 

Some dog lovers even launched an online petition that now has 2,500 signatures.

"I don't think there should be a breed restriction because it's not the breed that makes a bad pet. The owners need to train the dog," said Paige Green of Bristol.

"I guess if you take care of your dog, there's nothing to worry about," Kevin Wilson, of Bristol, said.

City officials said they have no plans to bring the issue up again in the future.

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