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Norm Pattis Appears in Court for Alleged Release of Unauthorized Sandy Hook Files

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A Connecticut judge heard testimony on whether Attorney Norm Pattis should face disciplinary action in connection to the alleged unauthorized release of Sandy Hook families’ personal records in the Alex Jones defamation case.

Pattis is one of the state's most well-known defense attorneys. Ahead of the hearing, he filed a motion to both dismiss the hearing altogether and another motion to dismiss Judge Barbara Bellis from the hearing as well, both of which Judge Bellis denied.

Pattis is representing Jones in the Connecticut defamation case. The records that were released happened in the Texas case earlier this month.

Wednesday’s hearing included several character witnesses who testified on behalf of Pattis’ ethics, including attorneys and former chief state’s attorney Richard Colangelo.

Attorney Chris Mattei, who represents the Sandy Hook plaintiffs in the Connecticut case, also took the stand. He said he was first contacted by the attorney for Sandy Hook mom Scarlett Lewis and told that the protected records had been released to him around July 24. Mattei also said Pattis texted him that there might have been a violation of the protective order after either he or someone in his office allegedly released the files.

On Wednesday, Bellis asked that all communication between Pattis and Mattei regarding the release of the files be released to the court.

“Look, let me be direct here. I will have any text messages or correspondence between your client and plaintiff’s counsel before they decide this one or the other. I’m not going to be left to guess, that’s the best evidence if there were communications like this,” Judge Barbara Bellis said.

Jones’ defense attorney in the Texas defamation case, Andino Reynal, also had a preliminary hearing regarding the records. His show-cause hearing will happen in person on Aug. 25 and 26.

Testimony in Pattis’ show-cause hearing will resume next Thursday. Jury selection in the Jones defamation case in Connecticut will resume Thursday.

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