Pokemon Go on the Go: New Haven Man Advertises Gaming ‘Taxi'

Pokemon Go users looking to catch 'em all in New Haven now have a faster way to climb the ranks: a Pokemon Go Taxi.

On Monday, one user advertised a "Pokemon Go Taxi" on the networking site Reddit.com.

The 29-year-old attorney, who did not want to be named, said he downloaded the smartphone game when it came out last Wednesday. He said he's been playing it ever since and has made it to level 9.

"When I get an alert, I pull over," Sch6808 told NBC Connecticut.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game based off the franchise that originally gained popularity in the mid-90s. The player wanders around parts of the real world with their phones, trying to "catch" characters to get points.

The Redditor thought the taxi service for downtown New Haven would be a win-win situation. He said after noticing some businesses displaying discounts for people to come play Pokemon Go at its stores, he came up with the idea. 

"No one has taken me up on it yet," Sch6808 said. "I'm using my own car. Driving around downtown. Thought I could make a little extra money."

The man said he remembers playing the Pokemon games in the sixth grade and that it wasn't too long ago that he also played it on his Gameboy. 

He said the game is going to "change gaming in a positive way" because it has caught on so rapidly and it gets people out of the house. 

"I lived in New Haven for four years," he said. "I just walked to the Yale campus for the first time and saw a lot of beautiful stuff in the city that I'd never seen before." 

While walking around the campus, the Redditor said he found himself reading the names of Revolutionary war veterans on monuments. 

"It's just something I wouldn't have come across," he said. 

The full-time attorney said he doesn't plan on moonlighting as a gaming cab driver for long, but had some free time on Monday night. 

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