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Protests Continue At State Capitol

Central Connecticut State University students organized a demonstration that started at the State Capitol before taking to the streets.

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Walking the streets of Hartford once again, protesters Thursday continued to call for action. The demonstration, which started at the State Capitol before spilling into the streets, was organized by a group of Central Connecticut State University students.

“Our future is on the line with everything that is going on,” said CCSU Student Bertha Encsio.

Joined by students from other area colleges and universities, much of the focus was on the future. Those involved want to ensure generations to come do not experience racial inequality.

“Bringing about the issues that are going on right now can at least be a change in the future,” said Encsio. “It’s gonna affect us, our children our grandchildren and future generations to come.”

As speeches were given at the State Capitol, the crowd began to swell. From hundreds to perhaps thousands, all who marched the streets of Hartford demanding change.

Drawing attention to social justice, organizers say these protesters, like others around the country, are trying to send a message.

“They used to tell me when I was younger, ‘if you don’t listen, you’re gonna feel it’ and I feel like the United States of America is feeling it right now,” said CCSU Black Student Union President Nicole Glaude.

To bring about change, those who spoke urged people to contact their city and state leaders, so that this movement honors George Floyd.

“His passing started a complete and utter revolution and I would hate for people to just, fight, fight, fight and once this is all done, the fight stops,” said CCSU student, Mehway Shan.

One man who has a unique perspective on what’s going on around the country, and more specifically here in Connecticut, is Thirman Milner. Milner was the first black mayor in the city of Hartford. Where he served from 1981 to 1987. He has a message for the young people protesting this week.

“Get involved in the civil rights movement,” said Milner. “It is a continuous civil rights movement that has not stopped since the 50s and 60s. We need to get where everything is even ground and I hope and pray that will happen In the City of Hartford soon.”

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