Purebred Pups Up for Adoption

If you're looking for a new best friend or a best friend for the one you already have at home, you're in luck, but you'll have to act fast. 

A three-day puppy adoption event begins today at Petsmart Plainville and people started lining up at midnight. Some came from as far away as Pennsylvania.

The SPCA of Connecticut is putting survivors of puppy mills in Arkansas and Oklahoma up for adoption. The dogs made the 18-hour trip from Georgia and many of the dogs available for adoption are purebreds.

A group of dedicated volunteers, including Dorrie Harris of Westport, flew the dogs to Bridgeport’s Sikorsky Airport . Harris and her brother, Walter flew the pups back to Connecticut on the last leg of their rescue journey. 

“This was a terrific day -- these dogs won the lottery of life,” said Harris of the Westport-based TAILS group.

The dogs were rescued from puppy mills, where adult dogs are often killed when they stop producing puppies, event organizers said.

"They didn't stand much of a chance getting adopted down there, believe it or not. The same dogs that they can't give away down south, people will stand in line for hours and travel for hours in Connecticut to adopt," Frederick Acker, of the SPCA of CT, said.

The event is Friday through Sunday at the Petsmart on New Britain Avenue in Plainville.

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