Seven Shot in Two Hartford Shootings; Community Leaders Calling for Action

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A 23-year-old Hartford man died after being shot near 13 Winter St. in Hartford on Monday night. Two other people were also shot and one man is in critical condition.

This comes just one day after four people were shot near 1994 Main St. in Hartford on Sunday night.

Lt. Aaron Boisvert, with the Hartford Police Department, said detectives believe there was an intended target in both shootings and others standing with them were shot.

Both shootings were very close together, only a half a mile apart, but at this time police don’t believe the two are connected.

“Not that we can see. I mean, there's always a possibility but nothing stands out at this point as to the two being connected,” said Boisvert.

Police have been reviewing surveillance video, talking with witnesses and they have a lead in the shooting on Monday night that involves a vehicle. It was dumped in Windsor and set on fire.

“Windsor PD notified us and we noted that the vehicle matched the description of what we're working on. So, we secured that vehicle. We did a search warrant, we have plenty of evidence to sift through, so hopefully get some DNA or some usable fingerprints or something like that to point us in the right direction,” Boisvert said.

As police investigate, Rev. Henry Brown, the executive director of Mother’s United Against Violence, said it’s troubling that seven people were shot in these two incidents.

“The police can’t arrest our way out of this situation unless the people are invested in the police and helping the police,” said Brown.

Brown said people who live in Hartford need to speak up, both before and after incidents happen, which can be done anonymously at (860) 722-TIPS (8477).

Brown also said it’s time for elected representatives at the state level, city level, local organizations and church leaders to work together, stop talking about violence and start physically going into neighborhoods and talking with people.

“I tell you right now we are a stressed out, afraid community because we don’t know whose child is going to be next, but we know somebody is going to lose their loved ones in Hartford and that’s the thing we want to stop. So, we encourage everybody to get onboard,” Brown said.

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