Snow Day in Norwich

Norwich received upwards of 9 inches of snow Thursday.

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People across the Norwich region spent the day cleaning up and digging out after a winter snowstorm dumped upwards of 9 inches of snow in some areas of the city.

“I am going to just enjoy this," said Gina Demetrius as she cleaned off her car in downtown Norwich.

There was not a lot of traffic in Norwich through out the day, but plows and crews of people shoveling were working non-stop.

"I started at 6 o'clock last night," said William Gozales Nunez, a plow driver with Norwich-based M&M landcare. Gozales Nunez said that the snow storm came at an opportune time, helping with extra money before the holidays.

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According to Norwich Police dispatch, it was a quiet day with few problems reported.

Public works crews were on the roads through out the night. They worked into Thursday afternoon and cleared all of the roads. They will go out again Friday morning.

While a mess to clean up, a lot of kids enjoyed the snow.

Camila Ixcoy and her little brother decided to make a snowman, but they didn't want just any old snowman.

“Make it like a real life snow man that could talk!" said Camila.

Their dad volunteered to be covered in snow. He said that if they are happy, he is happy.

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