State No Longer Processing Tax Returns from 3 Companies After Questionable Returns

The state will not be processing electronic income tax returns from some tax preparers in Ansonia, East Hartford and New Haven after receiving several questionable returns, according to the state Department of Revenue Services.

Commissioner Kevin Sullivan said the tax preparers affected are Liberty Tax Service, at 1003 East Main Street in East Hartford; Perfect Preparer, LLC at 58 Main St. in Ansonia; and Perfect Preparer, LLC at 206 Dixwell Avenue in New Haven.

“Doesn't mean they have done anything wrong, doesn't mean doesn't mean for sure, but there was enough concern that we need some answers before we will allow them to continue to use ours,” said Sullivan.

Although Sullivan would not give details about the reason why they were suspended , the owner of Liberty Tax Franchise in East Hartford said his customers are primarily to blame.

“The W-2s were fraudulent, we looked at each and every one of those files, we have IDs, we have addresses,” said the owner who would not provide his name. “ We have all the information, and we have done all of our due diligence to prepare these tax returns.”

The owner of the Liberty Tax also said there is a group in Hartford who is creating fake W-2s that look real. He wants the state targeting them, not his business. Although he said he is fully cooperating with state’s investigation.

The three tax preparers can still file federal electron tax returns for customers and paper tax returns with the state of Connecticut for their customers. Sullivan did not say how long the ban on using the states electronic filing system will last.

State officials said free assistance for completing Connecticut tax returns is available from the Department of Revenue Services. You can call 860-297-5962 or go in person at any of the regional walk-in centers in Bridgeport, Hartford, Norwich and Waterbury.

The DRS website lists additional free tax return assistance with the federal return.

If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with Connecticut tax laws, report it to the DRS Fraud Unit.

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