Students, CT Residents Worry About Families Impacted by Dorian

As millions wait and watch for Hurricane Dorian’s next move, people in Connecticut with ties to the Sunshine State are thinking of their families.

Harley Glasgow is a freshman at Quinnipiac University and has a lot of fear for ahead of the storm.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling because I’m away from home for the first time ever during a hurricane,” said Glasgow. “It’s kind of sad because you’re not with your family.”

Glasgow says she’s constantly checking in with her family continues to make preparations.

“My mom was out this morning picking up batteries and other supplies,” said Glasgow. “There’s a lot of last minute tasks that my parents are trying to complete.”

Glasgow, along with other members from the Quinnipiac community, are hoping that whatever damages may come aren’t too severe.

Julia Fullick-Jagela was born and raised in Florida. Fullick-Jagela has called Connecticut her home for the past seven years, but always thinks about her family during the hurricane season.

“It’s tough being away from family in Florida when stuff like this is going on,” said Fullick-Jagela. “A Category 4 is not something to mess with so that brings a lot of anxiety.”

The university is providing tools for students who are unable to be with their family ahead of the hurricane.

Dr. Ariela Reder is the director of counseling services at Quinnipiac. Reder is asking students to come forward if they are away from their family ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s potential landfall.

“We offer mental health counseling and that can be for as big of an issue or really serious mental health issues or really what a typical may come across with anxiety, depression maybe homesickness.” Reder said.

The university is also providing 24/7 help lines for students.

“Any time in the day, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the day or the middle of the night,” said Reder. “They can call us by phone and get connected to a live mental health provider, a licensed counselor.”

The University of Connecticut has more than 65 undergraduates who are from Florida and about 40 from Puerto Rico.

The university released this statement:

“We recognize that our students may be concerned about family, friends and not know where to turn for support. Please remember there are offices available to offer support and guidance during this difficult time.”

UConn students can try any of the offices below if they need assistance.

Office Location Contact

Dean of Students Office Wilbur Cross room 203 860-486-3426

Off Campus & Commuter Student Services Student Union room 315 860-486-8006

Residence Education Whitney Hall, Garden Level 860-486-2926

Student Health & Wellness - Mental Health Services Arjona 4th floor 860-486-4705

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