Suspected Killer Out After Posting $1M Bond

Keene Police

A Norwich man accused of killing his wife of three weeks in 2009 is out of prison. His family helped gather the $1 million bond for his release, but his wife’s mother said that shouldn’t happen until his day in court.

“I’m shocked because he’d been in jail for over three years. I don’t understand why, at this point, he would’ve been bailed out,” said Sheila Monter, Paige Bennett's mother.

Three years after the death of her daughter, Monter said she can’t find closure because Eric Chyung, the man accused of murdering her daughter, is no longer behind bars.

“It was comforting to know that he was in jail,” said Monter.

Chyung has been in prison on a pre-trial basis for the last three years, but he’s out, after his family gathered enough cash and collateral to post $1 million bond.

“The constitution of the state of Connecticut requires the setting of a bond for someone accused of a crime,” Chyung’s defense attorney, Brian Woolf, said.

Chyung had been married to Bennett for three weeks when he said he shot her at their Norwich home. Chyung maintains it was an accident, that he was putting his gun in a suitcase when it went off. He’s pleaded not guilty to murder.

Chyung’s defense attorney said it was unintentional.

“He admitted that the firearm discharged. He called 911. He waited for police to arrive,” said Woolf.

However, Bennett's mother doesn’t buy that explanation.

“I think he intentionally shot Paige,” said Monter.

That’s up to the court to decide. As the trial has yet to get underway, Monter says she wants justice for her daughter.

“It’s very painful and it never stops,” said Monter.

Chyung is expected to be in court next on Aug. 22.

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