Tax Cap Could Help Drivers

A gas tax cap could provide some relief at the pumps.

In an effort to ease gas prices from rising in Connecticut, Gov. Dannel Malloy this week is expected to sign a new bill that caps the state tax on the wholesale price of gasoline.

The cap would kick in when the wholesale price peaks at $3 a gallon and cut the current price of regular unleaded by 1 penny and a half.

Dan Forest, a commuter, said the measure doesn't go far enough.

"I think it's a good thing that they're trying to do something, but I also think they're doing too little too late," Forest said.

Governor Malloy told The New Haven Register, he's focused on a more permanent solution.

" (W)hat we really need to do as a state and a nation is move toward policies that lead us in the direction of energy independence,” he said.

Ed Snyder, of, Waterbury, is in favor of any progress made.

"Anything is going to be a help, keep it from going any higher," he said.

The legislation is also aimed at protecting consumers from alleged price gouging by oil wholesalers.

Once the bill is signed, it is expected to take effect immediately.

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