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Milford Gas Station Closed After Truck Catches Fire

A Milford gas station is closed Thursday after a truck caught fire while fueling up.

Firefighters responded to the Wheels gas station at 365 Old Gate Lane around 6 p.m.

"When we got there the cab was involved it was also spreading into the area above the cab into the back of the box. we also had fuel on the ground that was burning and spreading into some storm drains," explained Milford Fire Battalion Chief Christopher Zak.

Diesel fuel was burning during the fire, and about 75 gallons of fuel spilled.

Victoria Longo, who is the manager of the Milford Inn next door, described a dramatic scene.

"It was scary and then everyone here was worried because it was going to blow i would have had to evacuate - you know get rid of everybody here," she said. "If it was going to blow, the gas part that would really blow so then we would have to evacuate shut everyone down over here too it would be scary for everybody," she added.

No one was hurt during the fire, and Zak praised the workers at the gas station for moving quickly to prevent something worse.

"The employees were very quick acting. What they did was once they saw the fire quickly called 911 and shut the fuel off to those pumps so there was no further fuel pumping," Zak said.

Firefighters moved quickly and had the flames under control in about 10 minutes.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded to handle the fuel spill.

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