UConn Senior Is Boston's “Worst Driver”

The Boston episode of “America’s Worst Driver” featuring UConn senior Alyssa Carroll and friend Parker Khouri of Marblehead, Massachusetts aired on Sunday night on the Travel Channel, and unfortunately for her Volkswagon Jetta, Carroll was deemed Boston’s worst driver, resulting in the explosion of her vehicle.

“It was a big surprise seeing my car go up into flames because Parker and I were so confident and completely convinced that we would be the best ones and win the vacation,” Carroll said.
In this reverse competition game show, being eliminated first gets the best rewards. The first Boston team that was eliminated from the competition based on driving skill snagged the Florida vacation for which Carroll and Khouri were hoping.
The second team knocked off the show won free gas for a year, followed by Trisha and Lisa of Winthrop, Massachusetts, who placed third, earning free oil changes for a year.
For being judged Boston’s worst driver, Carroll is now without a car until the finale of the show, when seven out of the eight worst drivers from cities all over America will win a new car. “America’s Worst Driver,” which could be Carroll, will peddle away from the experience with just a bicycle. 
“Being ‘Boston’s Worst Driver’ isn’t an ideal title, especially when I went into this to prove my driving aptitude. But regardless, I entered this show for the experience, and I had a really great and unique time that was a ton of fun,” she said. Also, “not having a car is really hard, because I am a student and I work, but I think it will give me time to work on my skills before I go to Los Angeles.”
Carroll had many funny stories about the ridiculous challenges she and Khouri had to do to eventually prove she is the worst driver of the four teams. Her favorite challenge to watch was backing up through the hubcap-obstacle course, because the two couldn’t contain their laughter for any of it. 
Although it was odd watching herself on television, Carroll said it was less weird than she thought it would be. 
“We were caricatured a little bit, but overall it pretty accurately portrayed how much fun Parker and I have together,” Carroll said.
Carroll and Khouri will have the opportunity to compete for a brand new car in the Los Angeles-based finale episode, after fellow contestants have terrorized the six remaining city’s streets. 

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