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Vernon Vaccine Efforts Extend To Mobile Home Community

Volunteers went door to door informing and recruiting eligible people to be vaccinated.

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Inviting people to a vaccine clinic set up right in their neighborhood, Vernon volunteers were making house calls Tuesday.

Since vaccinations began, Vernon officials say their priority has been removing barriers and helping the most vulnerable get their shots. Those efforts continued today, at a pop-up clinic located at Vernon Village, a 55 and over mobile home community.

Addressing a community they say has a high concentration of home-bound individuals, Vernon health officials walked the streets of Vernon Village this morning.

“We’ve recruited many people this morning just by knocking on their door and telling them the vaccine was available,” said Vernon Vaccination Coordinator William Meier.

Going door to door, volunteers alerted the neighborhood of a vaccine clinic, set up walking distance from their home, eliminating the need to travel to a mass clinic.

“I’ve talked to at least 25 people in here so far that would have trouble getting up (to a mass vaccine location) and they think this is the greatest thing that ever happened,” said Vernon Village resident John Shane.

Mobile home complexes like Vernon Village have many units within close proximity to each other. Consequently, health officials say there’s heightened importance to get people vaccinated in places like this.

“It can be devastating for a community like this to have even a single person with infection,” said Dr. Daksh Rampal, medical director for Priority Urgent Care.

In addition to the outdoor clinic, doctors also provided shots to those who couldn’t leave their homes. Others walked to the clinic to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“I was waiting for this one. Because I just wanted one shot and done,” said Vernon Village resident Carron Boyd.

In total 45 people were vaccinated at Vernon Village today, including Denis Curry who says he can now cancel his other appointment which wasn’t until August.

“I don’t know who came up with the idea to have it here but they should be congratulated,” said Curry.

According to state data, 17.99% of Vernon’s population have initiated the vaccine process.  Vernon has also helped set up clinics in Ellington, East Windsor, Somers, Stafford, Tolland and Willington. Combined with Rockville Hospital vaccinations and clinics they’ve set up in other towns, Vernon officials estimate they’ve distributed about 15,000 doses.

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