Wallingford Restaurant Steps Up to Help Another Struggling From Staff Shortages

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A Wallingford restaurant owner stressed by the staffing shortage warned customers Sunday would be his last day if he couldn't hire more people. But so-called competitors are stepping up to help the Tap & Vine.

“There is no competition, we’re all just here all trying to make a buck,” said Chris Nakis, the owner of The Chuckwagon, also in Wallingford.


Nakis posted a plea on social media asking locals to pitch in to take some shifts until Tap and Vine could find a full-time chef and line cook.

Offers to help have come pouring in and some applications too.

“I mean the guy put his life savings, his blood, his sweat, tears, everything and to lose it because you’re short a couple cooks, it’s ridiculous. Let’s just chip in and help. That’s it,” said Nakis.

“For him to recognize that I was going to lose my dream, potentially, and he needed to do something about it is extraordinary,” said Tap & Vine owner Hector Samuel.

Tap and Vine’s owner tells NBC Connecticut he’s feeling cautiously optimistic as Sunday nears.

The combination of staffing shortages and supply chain issues causing rising costs are challenging many local restaurants.

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