Wolcott Police Searching For Suspect In ATM Theft

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Wolcott police are searching for a suspect in attempted ATM thefts at a bowling lane and cafe.

Wolcott police said they have arrested Jennifer Barillo-Gill of Meriden, who is accused of third-degree conspiracy to commit burglary and third-degree conspiracy to commit larceny.

Police have also arrested Barillo-Gill’s brother, James Gill for his alleged involvement the attempted thefts, police said. He is accused of first-degree criminal mischief, third-degree burglary, and fourth and sixth-degree larceny, Wolcott police announced.

According to police, after a lengthy investigation James Gill and Jennifer Barillo-Gill are suspected of theft and attempted theft of ATMs that had been stolen from Wolcott Bowling Lanes and the Rock Star Café back in July.

Both James Gill and Jennifer Barillo-Gill have been released on $75,000 bonds and their court date is Oct. 28, police said.

Wolcott Police
Police currently searching for Francis Gill, Jennifer Barillo-Gill's husband. Photo courtesy of Wolcott Police Department.

Police currently have two active arrest warrants and are still searching for Jennifer Barillo-Gill’s husband, Francis Gill, who investigators say is connected with the thefts and attempted thefts.

Wolcott Police ask if anyone has further information on this investigation to call 203-879-1414 or 203-879-8120.

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