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Yale Bomb Threat Might Be Connected to Bomb Threats at Other Universities: Police

Police vehicles at Yale
NBC Connecticut

The bomb threat made to several buildings at Yale University in New Haven on Friday might be connected to bomb threats made to several colleges and universities over the weekend, according to New Haven police.

Just before 2 p.m. on Friday, New Haven police received a call to the non-emergency line reporting a bomb threat at eight locations at the university, police said.

Several buildings at Yale University in New Haven were evacuated and police are investigating after receiving calls about bombs being placed in several buildings, according to an alert sent to staff.

Ten buildings were ultimately evacuated, police said, and the area was shut down for hours as the investigation was done.

Over the weekend, Yale police contacted New Haven police and said the bomb threats are possibly related, New Haven police said.

Police said that the universities that also received bomb threats include Princeton, Stamford, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, University of Miami of Ohio and Ohio University.

She said they are working Yale and the FBI in the investigation.

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