Fight Breaks Out During Meeting Held About School Mascot in Glastonbury

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A man punched a board of education member during a special meeting held in Glastonbury Tuesday night that was meant to discuss the Glastonbury High School mascot.

Last year, the mascot was changed to the Guardians from the Tomahawks, but some people want to change it back.

Things got heated and a fight broke out between a person in the audience and a board of education member. It's unclear what specifically caused the fight.

The school district changed its mascot because of its negative impact on Native Americans, but people in town signed a petition calling for the name to be restored, leading to Monday night's meeting.

Those on both sides of the issue have strong opinions.

Glastonbury Police confirmed that a disturbance took place during the meeting. Officials say they're investigating.

Councilman John Cavanna attended the meeting. While he came to see what people were saying about the mascot debate, he said he stepped in to break up the fight and is "always willing to keep the peace."

"Folks need to remain calm-tempered even in the most emotional of debates. And that without mutual respect for each other, we will never gain the traction we need to get stuff done and better our communities," Cavanna said.

The meeting was called to adjourn right after the fight broke out.

No arrests have been made.

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