Snowfall Continues Overnight; Most of CT Could See Several Inches of Accumulation

Snowfall continues overnight and will create a messy Tuesday morning commute.

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The snow will continue to fall overnight and towns across the state are gearing up for several inches of accumulation.

Winter storm warnings were issued statewide in anticipation of the first winter storm of the year.

All of the state can expect to see several inches of snow and the timing will create a messy Tuesday morning commute.

Hundreds of schools have decided to close Tuesday. See the full list here.

Gov. Ned Lamont has ordered all executive branch state office buildings to close to the public Tuesday. He says all level 2 employees who can work from home should do so. Employees who can't work remotely shouldn't come in.

“I strongly encourage everyone in Connecticut to stay off the roads on Tuesday morning unless absolutely necessary, particularly during the height of the storm so that plow crews can clear the roads and keep everyone safe," Lamont said.

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The governor said the state Department of Transportation is ready and he is urging people to give the plow drivers room to do their job.

The heaviest snow will fall between now and 5 a.m. Tuesday. More details on timing can be found here.

Four to eight inches of snowfall is expected in most of the state. That range is higher in parts of Litchfield and Hartford counties where eight to 10 inches is forecast.

Depending on how the upcoming storm unfolds, the state has about 600 trucks and 900 drivers to send out to treat the roads.

Department of Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto said his crews have been preparing and they are using a brine solution to pretreat the roads.

They have 920 drivers ready to go, a little more than 600 vehicles and they will be using contactors where they need coverage.

People across the state are preparing for the incoming snowstorm. Several inches of snow is expected to fall overnight.

Eucalitto said they are hiring mechanics and drivers. He said there is around a 14% shortage of drivers.

He said the storm starting after the evening commute Monday makes it easier for his team to do their jobs.

“The fewer people on the roadways the easier it is for our plows to go out and clear the roadways and do their runs, so if you can stay home and you’re able to, stay home, stay off the roadways,” Eucalitto said.

If you do have to go out on the roads, slow down and do not crowd the plows, he urged.

For so long many have been hoping for a good snowstorm and their wishes might soon come true.

The snow will continue through the early afternoon before tapering off.

You can get the latest forecast anytime here.

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