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It’s National Junk Food Day



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    EASTON, PA - AUGUST 12: Various PEZ dispensers are displayed on a wall at the Easton Museum of PEZ Dispensers August 12, 2003 in Easton, Pennsylvania.The museum is set up to show how the PEZ dispenser designs reflect the time period in which they were made. The collection consists of about 1,500 PEZ dispensers from 1950 to present. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

    There is a day to celebrate everything and July 21 is National Junk Food Day.

    Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something salty, some snacking favorites are made right here in Connecticut.

    Deep River is the home of Deep River Snacks, which makes yummy chips in several flavors to satisfy your salt cravings, including Ninja Ginger, mesquite BBQ chips, sweet Maui onion and more. The company also makes popcorn and tortilla chips.

    If sweet snacks are more your thing, the U.S. headquarters for PEZ is in Orange. Check out the Minions collection.

    The candy maker still offers the assorted fruit flavors you grew up loving, but it also offers chocolate, cola and sour flavors, including sour green apple, sour blue raspberry, sour pineapple and sour watermelon. 

    Thanks for a Greenwich billionaire and his sons, Twinkies continue to be a staple in lunchboxes after a hiatus. 

    Some might consider chocolate junk food, while others might consider it a crucial food group. Whichever side you are on, you can find good chocolate right here, including at Bridgewater Chocolate, Tschudin Chocolates in Middletown, Knipschildt Chocolatier in NorwalkMunson's in Bolton and many more.

    The state tourism Web site even includes a chocolate trail to follow for a chocolate fix.

    Connecticut is also home to several soda companies.

    Avery’s Beverages are made in New Britain, Foxon Park Beverages are made in East Haven, Castle Beverages are made in Ansonia and you can find Hosmer Mountain beverages in Willimantic and Manchester.

    If you want to indulge, but stay as healthy as possible, you can check out the list of USDA-approved smart snacks on the Connecticut State Department of Education Web site.

    What’s your favorite snack food?