Hamden Increases Halloween Patrols Following Recent Shootings

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A series of shootings has left people on edge in Hamden, and as police search for those responsible, they promised extra patrols to help make sure trick-or-treaters stayed safe.

“We’ve really had an all hands on deck approach over the course of the weekend to try to show that Hamden Police is out and their eyes are open and they’re watching to try to prevent anything from happening in addition to what’s already happened,” said Mayor Curt Balzano Leng, D – Hamden.

On Thursday night, police said gunfire struck an SUV with a couple and their two-year-old child inside near the intersection of Shelton Avenue and Morse Street.

Then on Friday, investigators say a home on Fourth Street near Warren Street was shot at.

And finally, early Saturday morning, officers said someone opened fire on a car stopped at a red light in the area of Leeder Hill Drive.

No one was hurt in any of the shootings.

The mayor says the ramped up patrols would not be just where the gunfire took place.

“It expands beyond that, the additional presence, because you want to be present in as many places as you can,” said Leng.

Police looked to add extra bike patrols, motorcycle units and the further deployment of the Crime Deterrent Unit, all in an effort to keep people safe and deter crime.

“I want it to change. We all do. We want kids to come out here safely and don’t have to worry about any of this,” said Monique Jones of Hamden.

Anyone with information or surveillance video related to these gun violence incidents is asked to contact police.

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