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Deadly Crashes Plague Connecticut This Memorial Day Weekend

There’s concern that the total number of fatal crashes this year could end up being worse than last year.

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This Memorial Day weekend became one of the deadliest on Connecticut roads.

Twelve people died in crashes, and there’s concern the total number of fatal crashes this year could end up being worse than last year.

The 100 Deadliest Days is known as the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Typically, that’s when fatal teen crashes rise, but this year, AAA is warning it could be deadlier for everyone.

“A lot of it is preventable, and we all need to come together to try and rectify it,” said AAA Greater Hartford spokesperson Tracy Noble.

State leaders say it’s one of the deadliest weekends Connecticut has seen. One person died in Hampton. A wrong-way crash in Guilford left four dead. One person died in a crash in Madison. Two died in a head-on collision in Franklin. In Thompson, police say a driver tried to pass a vehicle and lost control, leaving four dead.

“To have this many fatalities over the course of one weekend, it’s an eye-opener. And hopefully it urges people to change their behavior going forward,” Noble said.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said across the U.S. last year, traffic fatalities involving drivers of all ages reached a 16-year high.

AAA said early crash data suggests this year may be significantly worse.

“We’re seeing an increase in fatalities across the board. That includes pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, anyone that is using our roadways,” Noble said.

AAA said speeding and distracted driving is up while seat belt use is down. They said impaired drivers are also a factor.

AAA has several tips to reduce roadway risks for drivers including slowing down, buckling up, not driving impaired, driving defensively, limiting distractions, looking out for pedestrians and cyclists, and talking to your teens and modeling best behaviors.

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