Connecticut Spring Antiques Show This Weekend

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Haddam Historical Society
Founded in 1973 by Frances Walker Phipps, the Connecticut Spring Antiques Show has become one of the country’s most notable antique furniture show events.
Haddam Historical Society
In addition to being an author for The Hartford Times and The New York Times, Phipps was a member of the Haddam Historical Society and a chair of the Connecticut Spring Antiques Show.
Haddam Historical Society
An antique flag that will appear at the Connecticut Spring Antique Show.
Haddam Historical Society
There will be two educational talks at 2pm on each of the show days, including “Hidden in the Midden” on Saturday, and “The Fun of Collecting Early Political Campaign Flags, Banners, and Kerchiefs” on Sunday.
Haddam Historical Society
Alongside Connecticut vendors, there are also dealers from Vermont, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Missouri, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Kentucky, and Delaware.
Haddam Historical Society
One of the many unique items found at the Connecticut Spring Antique Show.
Enjoy fine art, folk art, pottery, porcelain, glass, silver, pewter, brass, iron, textiles and other accessories.
Haddam Historical Society
Haddam Historical Society's mission is to "preserve, collect, interpret and promote the history and heritage of Haddam for present and future generations," said Executive Director Elizabeth Hart Malloy.
Haddam Historical Society
The event will take place at the Hartford Armory.
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