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Vet Says Beware of Fake Per Meds



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    Beware of fake medications being sold over the phone and online.

    We’ve all seen the TV commercials promising cheaper medicines for our pets if you order them online or over the phone, but a Thomaston veterinarian is warning people to be cautious. 

    His practice has seen several dogs with heartworm, even though they’ve taken the medicine to treat the parasite,the Republican-American reports

    Brian Sullivan told the newspaper that after he inspected the boxes of medicine given to these dogs, he was surprised to see some were mislabeled, counterfeits or had expired.
    "People see these advertisements on TV or online and assume they must be legitimate, but they can be fakes," Sullivan told the newspaper. "I've had people with boxes that say 'not for distribution in the United States.'"
    The Republican-American asked the Food and Drug Administration about complaints the agency has received about counterfeit pet medications and FDA officials said they had not received many complaints.