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Food is always a draw to a fair, but the Big E pushes fair foods to new limits, with fried jelly beans and turkey legs that look like no leg on any turkey you've ever seen.

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:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
A bacon cheeseburger on a doughnut is another Big E staple and they were flying off the grill. It's called the Crazy Burger.
Ryan Riel, of Agawan, Mass., bit right into a Crazy Burger at the Big E and gave it a positive review.
LeAnne Gendreau, NBCConnecticut
At the Big E, you can find just about anything in fried form, including these peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Belmont Police
Coffee Break was selling unusual fried foods, as well as frozen hot chocolates.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Inside this golden fried shell are jelly beans.
LeAnne Gendreau. NBC Connecticut
One of the most popular places for a lobster roll is the Maine building, where they go for about $8.
Wendy Fry, NBC 7
The face behind the famous lobster rolls is Cal Hancock, of Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. in Cundys Harbor, Maine.
Toni Guinyard
Nicole Rancitelli, of East Hampton, enjoys some fried dough with sauce and cheese.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Cheesecake is great under normal circumstances, but frying it takes it to a new level.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Rosie-Blake's in New Britain's motto is "Have a Sweet Day." That extends to chocolate-covered bacon.
Kim Baldonado
Russell Okinsky's sister, Rosie Kruse, owns the company.
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The turkey legs are bigger than the ones most of us see on the Thanksgiving table.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Al Frasier is up from Florida, filling New England stomachs with big turkey legs.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
This is what Oreos look like when they are fried and covered in powdered sugar.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
You'll find all sorts of exotic foods at the Big E, like alligator burgers.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Wicked Whoopies makes one large dyed whoopie pie. The Maine company makes Red Velvet, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip, Maple and Black Forest whoopie pies, among other flavors.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Wicked Whoopies has sold more than 4 million pies. So that wicked is as in wicked good!
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Here's a small sampling of what Wicked Whoopies sells.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
The frybread is fabulous in the Connecticut building. Megan and Cheryl, of the Farmington Valley Chorus, served it up on Saturday. Recipes for how to use frybread include: pizza, tacos or Chuck's Steak House's specialty -- with cinnamon, sugar, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
No New England fair would be complete without kettle corn.
If the idea of chocolate-covered bacon does not have your mouth watering, how about chocolate-covered bananas or strawberries?
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
A self-serve Slushy bar is quite a hit at the Big E.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Holly Bosse, of Gales Ferry, enjoyed a caramel apple on Saturday.
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Maryanne Pappas sent in this photo of one of the Big E favorites, the Cream Puff stand.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
More caramel apples.
:eAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Matt McHugh, of Watertown, Mass., gave fried butter a try. From what we saw, stand several feet away from anyone biting into one of these fair favorites. They squirt people standing nearby.
LeAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
If you see someone walking through the fairgrounds eating something on a stick, it's likely a corndog, or a shish kabob.
People took a break from feasting on Saturday to watch a parade. The theme was Mardis Gras, and the beads were flying, without any behavior that your mother would not approve of.
LeAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
If you were looking for adult beverages, Mojitos were popular.
LeAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
Potatoes and the fryer are close friends, thanks to French fries, but then there are the super-sized cousin -- potato balls.
LeAnne Gendreau, NBC Connecticut
It took 600 pounds of butter to make this edible cow.
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