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Felon Hides Gun Under Bag of Rice: Police



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    New Haven Police Department
    New Haven police arrested an convicted felon on gun charges after he allegedly ran from police and hid his loaded handgun under a bag of rice.

    An armed felon was arrested last week after running from police and hiding his handgun under a bag of rice in a New Haven smoke shop.

    Police said that on Oct. 21, Antonio Horton, 26, caught sight of officers around the corner of the Smokers Shop at 206 Dixwell Avenue and immediately ran into the store. His behavior was suspicious, and police waited for him to walk out. Police said Horton told them they “had the wrong guy,” and when they searched him, they found nothing illegal. They took down his name and let him go, according to police.

    The officers then went inside the Smokers Shop, where a witness told police Horton had tried to pawn off a loaded handgun. The witness said he wouldn’t take the gun, so Horton hid it under a bag of rice. Police said they searched the selves and found a loaded .38-caliber Charter Armes Special.

    They learned Horton was a convicted felon and was on probation. Officers worked with the Department of Probation to track down Horton at a housing complex the next day. A neighbor recognized Horton from a photo and pointed police in the right direction. When officers responded to that location, Horton ran out back in an effort to get away, according to police. He was ultimately handcuffed and arrested.

    Horton was charged with criminal possession of a firearm and first-degree reckless endangerment.